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berendsen plc
Connect Customer Portal

The company

Berendsen plc, formerly known as Sunlight, is a leading provider of laundry and workwear services. With headquarters in London, the company has a FTSE 250 listing and employs 9,000 staff at 60 sites.

The challenge

Berendsen encourages convenient 24/7 self-service for its customers. However, back in 2009, the legacy paper-based procedures and transactions were an expensive timewaster that resulted in too much waste and use of consumables.

The BFI Solution

Through the ‘Connect’ project, we set up a web-based portal to allow direct interfacing with Berendsen’s internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. Launched in 2009, it now has 2,750 active users, including Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, Travelodge and the NHS.

The results

The result has been more convenient self-service and increased business reporting for Berendsen customers. The success of the project has generated even more ideas and future development for the many different Berendsen departments.

At BFI, we’re particularly proud that the portal’s ease-of-use meant that Berendsen staff chose to use it over the Dynamics interface.

The skills

  • Bespoke Microsoft Dynamics/AX integration
  • Technical consultation for restricted hardware environment
  • Creative ability to deliver simple front-end user interface
  • Extensive database programming
  • High-level project management
  • Fast-response technical support