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Remote Desktop Support

Need help?

No problem – just follow these few simple steps and we’ll be able to remotely access your computer.

1.  Download the Mikogo software

Mikogo is a free and secure screen sharing software, which requires no installation.

Remote Desktop Support - Mikogo software download
Mikogo Software Screenshot


When the download is complete, click to ‘Run’ the file.

Alternatively, you may need to click ‘Save’ before running the file.

Mac users can download Mikogo here.

2.  Join our Mikogo session

In a few moments, the Mikogo menu will appear on your screen.

Select the button to ‘Join session’.

We will give you a Session ID Number. Enter this into the box.

When prompted, press ‘Yes’ to allow us to have remote control.

3.  All done – you can now leave us to it!

We will now have remote control of your computer. It’s up to you whether you stay on the phone
or go and put the kettle on while we help. We’ll give you a call back when things are ready.

BF Team Members


Click here to download Mikogo & start a session.

You’ll need to choose the ‘Support’ profile and then select the ‘View & Control’ option, before being given the session ID number.