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What to do if your email is over quota

This guide is designed to help any customer who is experiencing problems with email ‘over quota’ messages.

Before you begin. In order to complete the tasks below you will need to have access to your email address and password details.

First of all, let us look at why your email account might become ‘over quota’.

When you receive an email message it is stored upon our servers until you are ready to retrieve it. If you use an email client such as Office Outlook then new emails will automatically be downloaded ready for you to read.

The problems occur when a copy of the email is left on the server after it has been downloaded to your device. This can happen inadvertently if your email client has not been set up to delete copies of the mail.

If your email inbox becomes full, anyone trying to send your email will get a message similar to the one below:








This happens because there isn’t any room to receive the message therefore it is ‘bounced’ back to the original sender.

By default, all our email accounts are set to 100Mb. The reason for this is because for every extra 100MB of email space we allocate, we require an extra 1.5 terabytes of storage to cope with the amount of mail and 14 days worth of backup. We decided that rather than increasing our costs to the end user, we would set a limit and let clients manage the amount of mail themselves.

In order to fix the issue quickly, the best option is to log into your webmail and manually delete any old or unwanted emails. This can be done from any browser by removing www. from your domain name and replacing them with mail. For example:

You will then be greeted with the BFI page with a webmail link. Click the link and then enter the email address and password of the affected account. Alternatively, you can also access the webmail by visiting

You may be presented with options to fill out personal details, do not worry simply select the inbox link from the left hand navigation. You can then delete any unwanted mail.

To create a more permanent fix, you can edit your email client settings to allow emails to be deleted off the server. You can either set it to auto delete after a set amount of days (recommended) or when you empty your trash folder.



In Outlook, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click file
  2. Click account settings
  3. Select the email account that is over quota (double click or click change)
  4. Click the ‘more settings’ button (bottom right of the pop up box)
  5. Click the advanced tab
  6. Put a tick in whichever of the two ‘remove from server’ options that applies to you



For Thunderbird users:

  1. Click tools
  2. Click account settings
  3. Select the account that is over quota
  4. Click server settings
  5. Put a tick in whichever of the two ‘remove from server’ options that applies to you


Windows Live Mail

For Windows Live Mail users:

  1. Open the accounts window (menu, options and then email accounts)
  2. Select the over quota email account and click properties
  3. Click advanced tab
  4. Put a tick in whichever of the two ‘remove from server’ options that applies to you


Mac Mail

If you use Mac Mail then:

  1. Click mail and then preferences
  2. Select the over quota email address and then click advanced
  3. Put a tick in the ‘remove from server’ option and select how many days you wish to leave before initiating.


Once you have set up your email client to auto delete mail, it should stop the problem from arising again.

If after reading these FAQs and following the instructions, you are still experiencing difficulties please give us a call.