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How to set up your POP3 email account in Outlook 2016

  • Please ensure you know your email username (this is usually the full email address) and password.
  • Italicised text is used throughout this guide to demonstrate example setting. This should not be copied directly.


  1. First of all, press “File” in the top left hand corner of the screen and then click on “add account”
  2. Click Advanced Options and Choose the option to “Manually configure server settings” then enter in your email (e.g. and select “Connect”
  1. The next screen asks you to choose a account type.

  2. Under the “Server Information” heading, the “Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server” needs to be set to (Please do not enter any @ symbols into the server address box).
  3. In the “Outgoing mail (SMTP) server” box, if you know it, enter your internet service provider’s outgoing mail server. Otherwise use the same as in the incoming box to use our mail server (
  4. Now input the in the “Outgoing mail (SMTP) server” box then click the “More Settings” button.
  5. Now click on “Connect” which will take you through testing your settings. Once this is complete, you can click close.
  6. Your account is now ready for use, click on the send/receive button to check your mail.