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How to set up your POP3 and Hotmail email accounts on an Android or Google Nexus Phone

Before you start:

  • Please ensure that you know your user name (this is usually the full email address) and password.
  • Italicised text is used throughout this guide to demonstrate example settings. This should not be copied directly!

Set up POP3 email on an Android or Google Nexus Phone

  1. If this is the first account you’re setting up on the Google Android device, tap Mail. Otherwise, from the Home screen choose “Mail > Menu > More > New Account…”
  2. By tapping the option at the bottom of the list, set the account type as “Other (POP3/IMAP)” and select “Manual Setup”
  3. Then input the following information:
    1. Protocol – set to POP
    2. Email address  – the e-mail address that you are going to be using (e.g.
    3. Username – This will be the user name you were given when the account was created (usually the full email address for the account, complete with @ symbol)
    4. Password – The password will also have been supplied to you, please note the password is case sensitive
    5. POP Server – In the same way that your website with us is found at the Host Name needs to be set to
    6. Security Type- From the list of options, select  none
    7. Server Port – Change port number to 110
  4. Then click next:
    1. Check the “Login Required” tick box and then re-enter your user name and password (if not auto filled)
    2. SMTP Server –Type in
    3. Security Type- Select none from list of options
    4. Server Port – Change port number to 2525
  5. Click next and then save your details.
  6. Your mail account is now ready for use.

Set up Hotmail email on an Android or Google Nexus Phone

In order to set up a hotmail account on your Android device you can follow the same method as above but with the following amendments:

  • POP Server – ensure that you type
  • Security Type – select SSL
  • Server Port – change port number to 995
  • SMTP server – ensure that you type
  • Security Type – select TLS
  • Server Port – ensure that  port number is changed to 587

Once these settings have been changed, you can then save your settings. You will then be able to send and receive Hotmail on your Google Android phone.