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How to set up your POP3 email account in Windows 10’s Mail app

Before you start

  • Please ensure you know your email user name (this is usually the full email address) and password.
  • Italicised text i s used throughout this guide to demonstrate example settings. This should not be copied directly!

Mail app

  1. When you open Windows 10’s mail app for the first time, you should get this screen if your email address that you are using as your Microsoft account does not have any settings saved on the mail app.

    Click to enlarge
  2. If you are not opening it for the first time, click on the windows home button and select settings (displayed as a cogwheel).
  3. Tap or click ‘Accounts’, go to ‘Email & app accounts’, select ‘Add an account’ and tap or click ‘Advanced setup’ to get to the screen in the next step.
  4. On this screen, click the ‘Internet email’ option

    Click to enlarge
  5. You should now see the following screen

    Click to enlarge
  6. ‘Email address’ is the email address of the account you are adding
  7. ‘User name’ is the email address of the account you are adding, complete with @ symbol.
  8. The password will also have been supplied to you, please note the password is case sensitive.
  9. The ‘Account name’ and the ‘Send your messages using this name’ should be set to your name.
  10. The ‘Incoming email server’ needs to be set to
    (Please do not enter any @ symbols into the server address box).
  11. Ensure the ‘Account type’ is set to POP3
  12. The outgoing (SMTP) email server is the same as the incoming email server
  13. Untick the ‘Require SSL for incoming emails’ box
  14. Untick the ‘Require SSL for outgoing emails’ box
  15. Then press ‘Sign in’.
  16. That’s it! Your account is set up!