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How to Import an existing PGP Key Pair

For this procedure you will need to have installed PGP (if not see the section of this guide entitled “How to Install PGP“) and you will need a backup of the key pair (including the private key).

  1. Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Open PGP Keys by right clicking on the padlock in the bottom right and selecting “PGP Keys”. Once the PGP keys window is open click on the “Keys” menu and select the “Import” option.

  2. Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    This will then present you with a file box to let you browse to the key file you wish to import. Navigate to where you backup of the key pair is and then click “Open”. You will then see a list of the keys found in the file, click Import to continue.

  3. You should then receive a message saying that “some of the imported keys are private keys”. Click OK to that message and then you should be returned to the main PGP keys window.
  4. Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    You should now see your key name in the list. Right click on this key and select “Key Properties”. In the dialog box that appears there will be a checkbox at the bottom that is labelled “Implicit Trust” Tick this box and then click OK to close the properties dialog box. Your imported key is now ready for use.

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