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How to install PGP

  1. To download PGP please proceed to From there, select the version that fits your operating system. Windows XP & Windows 2000 Users should download version 6.5.8 for Windows 2000.
  2. You will be asked to select a version of the software to download, we recommend downloading version 6.5.8.
  3. To unpack the downloaded file, unless you are using Windows XP, you’ll need a utility like 7-Zip (free) that handles ZIP files.
  4. Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Once you have expanded the ZIP file go to where you put the contents and run the file named Setup.exe in the PGP package. This will bring up a wizard for installing the software.

    1. First is a “Welcome” window. Click Next >.
    2. Next is a “Software License Agreement” window. Scroll down to read all the terms of the agreement. Click Yes if you accept the terms.
    3. Next is a “What’s New” window. You can scroll down and read this information here or after you install the software.
    4. The fourth window asks you to enter your full name and company, then clickNext >.
    5. The fifth window states that by default the files will be installed in:
      C:Program FilesNetwork AssociatesPGP. Click Next >.
    6. The sixth window asks you to choose the PGP components you wish to install.
      All the components are selected to start; click in the check box next to any component you do not wish to install. For example, you don’t need the plug-in for any e-mail program you don’t use
      NB: Make sure that you un-tick the PGP Net option (if it appears), as this may cause you connection problems later if installed.
    7. The seventh window summarizes what you have selected. Click Next >.
    8. You will see a series of status windows as the installation proceeds.
    9. The next window asks whether you have existing keyrings you wish to use. Click “No” for this.
    10. The last window may advise you to restart your computer to make the new settings take effect. Click Finish.
  5. If you have an existing key (i.e. you have had PGP installed before on this computer or a previous one and have been using it to receive orders) then go to the “How do I import an existing key?” section of this document. Otherwise (if this is a new set-up or you don’t have a backup of your previous key) go to the “How do I create a new PGP Key Pair?” section of this FAQ.

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