Boost website revenue with Google Content Experiments

Content Experiments are a great way to analyse the design, layout and content of your site with the aim of improving each individual aspect of it.  The purpose of these experiments is to enhance your site to give the best performance in respect of Conversions (the number of successfully completed goals for a given number of visitors).

Google’s Content Experiment tools are free, and seamlessly link to Google Analytics to make it easy to analyse the statistics produced.  Each experiment is designed to help your site meet its goals – whether that it for customer to make a purchase, signup for a newsletter or to view a particular page.

Content Experiments let you target one page at a time, so that you can focus on the most important pages involved in reaching your website’s goals.  By concentrating on the individual elements of these pages, you can trial different variations and measure how each one performs compared to the original.


For example, the screen shots above show the Direct Room Sales homepage and variants to be tested.  This page is the first area a visitor will see, so the content displayed here is extremely important.  Google Content experiments could be used on this site to display different content to different segments of its visitors, while measuring each variants’ success.

This process has traditionally been called ‘A/B Testing’, which implies that the testing is only between two versions.  Google Content Experiments has advanced this and allows you to run up to five variations of the original page in one experiment.

What can you gain from Content Experiments?

By running sets of experiments on your site, you can improve your site’s performance to gain better conversion rates and increased overall sales.  If your site isn’t an e-commerce system, the experimentation process can work to improve its usability, therefore increasing its delivery of customer satisfaction.

Google Content Experiment - Results

How can you start your Content Experiments?

The first step is to decide what your site’s goals are and what it aims to achieve.   Once this has been established, the main pages involved in these goals can be determined.  BF Internet offer consultancy to help you select the best pages to target, and can suggest which elements within these pages may have an effect on your site’s performance.  Together we can form a plan for your experiments to suit your website.  The more variations we try the more solid the results will be – even the finest details of a website can have an effect on its visitors.

What do Content Experiments involve?

Each page variation within a set of experiments is built individually and tested. Once the variations have been set up, the experiment is launched and the results monitored via Google Analytics.

If during consultancy you decided to run several sets of experiments, it is best to wait until the first experiment is complete before setting any solid schedule for further experiments.  We can use the information gathered from the first set of experiments and apply it to any further sets.

It’s is also important to keep any unwanted variables in the experiment down to a minimum.  Simple things like making sure each experiment is run from the same day and time in the week can help to give reliable results.

We can tailor your experiments to suit your site.  Options such as choosing what percentage of visitors is included in an experiment gives us great control.

Continuous improvement via Content Experiments

Once the first experiment is under way, we can help you use this data to start thinking about other areas of the site that may be improved.  Your site may already change regularly, which means that there are more elements available to us to test and evaluate in the future.

Your site may see its greatest traffic over certain periods, such as Christmas or summer, and using Content Experiments is a great way to make sure your site is at its best for the visitors in this period.

Next steps

To talk through improving the revenue and return from your website using Content Experiments, contact BF Internet on 0845 519 4727 or email