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Microsoft Dynamics integration

Your website + Microsoft Dynamics = Connected.

We have delivered a whole host of web applications that work seamlessly alongside Microsoft Dynamics. Our web based systems both gather and present data and most importantly deliver results where other solutions are unavailable or too costly and time intensive to implement.

Our approach is different. Our goal is to keep things simple and avoid the need to have rebuild the application should your processes or system data change later down the line. There are many advantages to working without complication:

  • Additional proprietary software is not required, meaning no licencing or purchase costs.
  • Simpler systems are easier to develop, flexible for the future and easier to support.
  • Simple systems are platform-agnostic: local to the cloud, Windows to Linux. All systems can communicate efficiently, regardless of platform.

A simple well-supported communication protocol (XML, JSON, SQL, CSV, TXT) can be integrated with any system, and many at once. If an ERP system or web application were to be replaced, the communication protocol could remain unchanged.

From the initial discovery and consultation phase, through the development and agile development stage to implementation and ongoing support we have the experience and pedigree to help with any Microsoft Dynamics integration.

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