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Business web hosting

Fully managed business web hosting

We offer a range of business-grade fully managed web hosting packages to suit all sizes of web presence, leaving you to focus on your business whilst we look after your servers.

All hosting packages are located on our dedicated servers housed in a Telecity data centre in the UK, providing a physically secure environment with high speed network access. All packages benefit from full 24/7 server monitoring and advanced UPS management. To ensure the safety of your data, all accounts are backed up locally daily, and weekly to a secondary server.

All hosting packages are subject to our standard terms and conditions, which are available on request.
We reserve the right to alter the specifications of our hosting packages to maintain the highest level of reliability and service.
Please note: To ensure the security of your website and those of others, server access (including FTP) is only available to members of the BF Internet team.

Standard features included with all fully managed accounts:

  • Comprehensive and resilient backup routine
    To ensure the safety of your data, all accounts are backed up locally daily, and weekly to a secondary server. These backups are replicated to a remote location.
  • Fast, reliable, business-grade hardware
    We exclusively use Dell business-grade hardware on a 5-year life cycle, often with extended warranties and 4-hour on-site hardware support. Our servers and network feature the highest levels of hardware redundancy with multiple remote management interfaces.
  • Enterprise server software
    Honed over 16 years of web server management, our servers run on an enterprise-level Linux operating system, with the industry-standard Apache & MySQL packages, protected by a remote resource monitoring suite and our bespoke in-house management scripts.
  • Remote monitoring
    Our infrastructure is monitored from around the world to make sure our network, servers, DNS and email are fully online. We use the same monitoring services as Dell, Google, Twitter and Amazon. Alerts are sent instantly to 3 locations via SMS and if required technicians are available 24/7/365, both remotely and on-site.
  • DDoS protection
    Protecting your business from DDoS attacks to avoid costly and often lengthy periods of downtime.
  • Commercial-class datacentre
    Our servers are housed in Telecity data centre in the UK featuring:
    • N+1 UPS architecture
      Backed by diesel generators to ensure constant power availability.
    • Dual diverse commercial fibre network feeds
      This means that in the unlikely event of a network fault, we can quickly switch to a second provider to maintain availability of our services.
    • Temperature-controlled server cabinets
      Optimal environmental conditions to maximise server performance.
    • Security
      24 hour on-site security personnel, stringent access management, unique-key cabinets and CCTV monitoring.
    • Smoke and fire protection
      Advanced VESDA™ gas deployment fire system.
  • MySQL databases
    All our standard, premium, dedicated and bespoke hosting packages include as many MySQL databases as your website software requires.
  • Free domain name
    All standard, premium, dedicated and bespoke hosting packages included one free or .com domain name.
  • No multi-year contract
    Purchased annually, all of our basic, standard and premium shared hosting accounts are exempt from multi-year minimum contracts.
  • UK telephone support
    We provide office-hours telephone support with a direct line to our team in Cumbria.

Hosting upgrades available

Business-grade email – From £33 per user per year + 20% VAT

For businesses we recommend ‘Gmail for Work’, Google’s business-grade email service. Gmail for Work comes as part of the Google Apps for Work suite. Contact us for a discount voucher and help & advice getting set up on one of the world’s largest cloud-based productivity suites.

WordPress maintenance – £49/year + 20% VAT

WordPress is a fantastic CMS package, but it’s vital to maintain it with the latest patches so that any vulnerability is removed quickly. A compromised WordPress is a risk to the entire server and all websites on it, so to ensure the security of your website and those of others we may insist on this service for your WordPress installation.

Private remote backups – £99/year + 20% VAT

Whilst our backup procedures ensure server data is backed up both locally & remotely each night, you may wish for backups to be sent to your own private location. For this we sync a copy of your website databases & files to your own Amazon S3 storage account each night.

Security scans – £139/year + 20% VAT

Quarterly security scans can be arranged to test the security of both your website software and the server it is hosted on. The test checks your services against an expert-maintained database of known vulnerabilities, with over 250 new classes of vulnerability added each year.

Security scans are provided by our partner Netcraft, a highly reputable independent security agency. Netcraft are a source of security data for both Microsoft and the BBC. Monthly & weekly scans are available on request.

Software maintenance for PCI compliance – £79/year + 20% VAT

New threats from online fraud arise constantly. Your bank may request that you maintain your ecommerce software in line with the ever-evolving PCI compliance guidelines and SecurityMetrics tests. This package keeps your website in line with the security requirements and avoids the bank’s £480/yr non-compliance penalty.

SSL certificates – From £149/year + 20% VAT

We offer a range of SSL certificates to enable secure encrypted transmission of data to & from your website and the browser. Certificates are available from GeoTrust and Symantec, both with and without extended validation features.

Bespoke features – £POA

Bespoke hosting features are available on request – server software packages, additional backups, additional hardware redundancy, dual-location hosting, bandwidth etc. – our packages are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Service level agreements – POA

Service level agreements (SLA’s) can be arranged by request, including agreed levels of uptime, support response times and extended technical support hours. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Additional domain names – from £25/yr + 20% VAT

Please contact us to discuss your domain requirements.


Instances of domain or server abuse can be reported to domains[at]

Hosting-related queries are answered on the same business day wherever possible, and always within 5 business days.

Our terms & conditions can be reviewed here: