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V12 Retail Finance integration with WooCommerce

V12 Retail Finance integration with WooCommerce

V12 Retail Finance – Overview

Offering monthly payment plans for high-priced products like bicycles, ski & snowboard equipment or electronics makes the cost more manageable for the customer and lowers the barriers to purchase. Customers are paying for items such as cars and mobile phone contracts already, so by offering your products for sale in a similar ‘easy monthly payments’ style you can boost your conversion rate, especially when the payment plan is interest free.

V12 Retail Finance is a specialist UK provider of Retail Credit, providing finance to customers for over 20 years via an industry-leading paperless processing system. Our V12 WooCommerce module extends the WordPress e-commerce payment options to include V12, allowing the customer to seamlessly checkout and apply for finance in one journey.

V12 WooCommerce plug-in features

The BFI V12 WooCommerce extension has the following integration features:

  • Low monthly payments

    Display product prices to customers as low monthly payments

  • Repayments calculator

    Allow customers to vary the deposit level and terms to see their monthly payments in the checkout

  • Control finance rates

    Offer multiple finance rates to customers and restrict these based on price and discount level

  • Prevent finance on sale items

    Prevent interest-free finance from being offered on sale products, where a discount has been applied on RRP

  • Easy online credit application

    Offer a streamlined application process, where the WooCommerce checkout smoothly dovetails into V12's easy application form

  • Keep track of applications

    We automatically update order statuses via the integration API to keep order statuses sync'd with the V12 finance application

  • Finance approved, ready to ship!

    Once an application has been approved by V12, the order is marked as ready for shipment. Both you and the customer are notified by email.

  • Works with Ascend RMS

    Compatible with our IRIS Ascend EPOS integration


0% finance for bike shops using Ascend EPOS

Our V12 plug-in is available for all WooCommerce stores & retailers, but will be of particular interest to bike retailers using the Trek / Ascend EPOS platform. Our IRIS integration layer synchronises stock, prices and order data with your Ascend EPOS. V12 is very popular with bike stores around the UK.

Bespoke V12 integrations

Drawing on our 20 year’s expertise integrating ecommerce systems and payment providers, along with our recent experience integrating V12 finance with the WooCommerce and Magento platforms, means we’re perfectly positioned to offer bespoke V12 finance integration services. Whatever platform you use, just get in touch for a quote.

Online V12 demo

You can try our V12 plugin through the “Buy online now” button below, just head through to our checkout and select the V12 payment method. You can also contact us for a WordPress back-end demo, to see the configuration options and order handling.

Buy online now

Our V12 plugin for WooCommerce is available to buy online now*, with instant download. If you already have a website with us we’ll install and configure it free of charge. Buy online now*

*If you don’t already have one, you’ll need an approved V12 account so you can use the plug-in. When applying for a new V12 account there may be an account set up fee, see for contact details to apply. V12 work exclusively with ActSmart subscribers for the cycle and outdoor sectors (click here to join), but ActSmart retailers do not have to pay a set up fee to V12 when applying for an account and have access to preferential rates.