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Interface & creative web design

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When designing and creating web sites and web system interfaces it’s imperative that they are attractive to the eye with nice clean web site design but most importantly they must be easy to use and naturally intuitive. This is one of key objectives on every customer web project we undertake.

Since 1996 we have been busy designing and developing web and non-web applications that have been used by our clients, their customers and the general public. It’s extremely important that the design of the interface is spot on when catering for such a broad range of users and their varying degrees of experience. Consideration must be given to ensure a pleasant and frustration-free user experience for the web site visitor.

If your web site looks like a dogs dinner or spaghetti junction then speak to one of experienced web consultants today and help your customers have a happy user experience.

  • Project Review
    Vision Express

    Vision Express relaunched their website after working with BFI on a major redesign. We now continue the 9-year relationship through the ongoing maintenance and development of the site.

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