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Mobile & responsive design

Since 1996 we have been busy designing and developing beautiful, stylish and functional websites.

With a significant portion of web site traffic now originating from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to implementing a “responsive design”.

A responsive design has become a standard requirement of any modern digital strategy, but we like to go a step further. Where the project allows, we aim for a highly optimised experience: Send the user exactly what they need, quickly, resulting in less waiting, a lower bounce rate and more time on site.

We achieve this by using RESS – Responsive Design + Server Side Components – which means no more ‘mobile site this’ or ‘tablet site that’. There’s just one URL, the website URL, for everyone.

Depending upon your web site visitors, their devices and what activity they undertake whilst on your web site will determine how far you need to go with your mobile strategy. Whether it’s a simple change in screen size or a fully optimised cross-platform experience, we can deliver.

  • Better than just ‘responsive’

    User journeys can be crafted to perfection.

  • One code base

    For efficient development and maintenance.

  • Universal support

    Your website works for everyone.

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