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Bespoke WordPress development

The World's most popular CMS

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UK WordPress experts

BFI are the WordPress experts, working with the CMS since 2009. We currently maintain over 150 active WordPress sites and have launched many many more.

As a highly-extensible platform with plethora of plug-in modules available we think WordPress is a great product, however to ensure your web presence is reliable, stable and most-importantly secure, it’s vital to use an established WordPress development specialist. BFI have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver.

WordPress development specialists

WordPress is an industry-leading blogging & Content Management System and is the core component of most of the new websites we launch at BFI. The WordPress platform provides overall management of the site content.

Using WordPress means the new website will be built on an agile, extensible & cost-effective framework, that is constantly updated to keep pace with the internet as it evolves. This benefits the business with a low cost of on-going ownership and website that is built for the long-term.

As of January 2015 WordPress was used by over 23% of the top 10 million websites and is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. WordPress is used to represent large enterprises online, including Sony, Volkswagen, UPS, Ford, eBay & Samsung:

WordPress is Open Source and is free from both initial & on-going licensing costs but is backed by Automattic, a $1.2-billion-dollar commercial entity with over 470 employees.

WordPress integration

The expandable plug-in architecture offers great flexibility to customers requiring existing system integration or functionality outside of the standard package feature set. Whatever your WordPress integration requirements, our development team have the proven experience and capability to deliver an integrated system to suit.

  • WordPress: Standard features
  • Easy content publishing

    Edit the page content in an intuitive web-based WYSIWYG environment, automatically generating valid HTML without any web design experience. Fully featured editor with font sizes, colours, text styles, tables, spell checker, undo/redo and find/replace

  • Unlimited pages

    Build a website as large or a small as your business requires.

  • Image Management

    Easily upload images, create folders, crop & resize your images then insert them into your pages

  • Digital Asset Management

    Easily upload and manage a variety of downloadable files; PDF, MP3, ZIP, Microsoft Office files and many more.

  • Embedded media

    Add video from YouTube into pages easily.

  • Unlimited page templates

    The ultimate in design flexibility, gone are the days of a 'strait-jacket' CMS where every page follows the same layout. Templates can be assigned on a per-page basis.

  • Metadata management

    Full control over 'title' and 'meta' data, vital for Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Integrated search

    Let your visitors easily search your website

  • Publication control

    Work on a page, save it, come back and finish later, without publishing it to the world. Track who else made changes, and merge them or wind back if necessary

  • User Management

    Create a permission-based log-in for each editor