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World class web site design since 1996

Established in 1996, over 700 hundred clients, including major high street retailers and industry leaders; trust us with creating their global online presence.

There are so many different factors to think about when designing a website, that it’s impossible to list them all (and if we did, then you would know what we know!). Each client has different needs depending on their target market, strategy, budget and level of commitment they can offer. We have a dedicated creative team of front end designers, all with many years of professional experience to ensure you get the best representation possible.

Our team are creatively innovative, constantly developing new products and refining services to better serve the changing needs of our clients.

When we design our websites (all skillfully crafted by experienced hands) we follow these very useful guidelines:

Always remember what we are selling

We’re not selling you the Internet, we’re selling you an enhancement to your business. International marketing, reduced stationery costs, efficiency savings, online shopping. Who cares how a TV works, just so long as the programmes are good!

Think about the target audience

If our client wants as many people to see their website as possible, We can implement ‘whistles and bells’ that do not affect the site’s structure for users of browsers that do not support these extras. If our client knows that their target audience will only be using the latest browsers and software plugins, we can add those little (and not so little) extras that add extra value to the website, but do not detract from its content.

Get the client the most for their budget

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. What’s more important to you if you’re on a budget? Lots of information on your site? Or perhaps you’d rather have less info, but professional graphic design. Content over packaging? Many businesses don’t want to invest heavily in a website until they can see for themselves what they can get from it. A fair enough decision, so a compromise can be reached to make the best web site for your money.

Something extra

Add a little interactivity to your site. How would you like to interact? Updatable pages and content which you can update from your very own web browser without any knowledge of HTML so you can keep your customers informed. Database querying so people can search for a specific product? Your own online shop so your business can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, (see our e-commerce design page). Our examples are just scratching the surface but like the indepth projects we have undertaken the possibilities are pretty much endless if you have the time (and the money, of course…).