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1 team

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BFI is a UK-based web design and development agency, employing a team of 16 creative designers, developers and managers who work with our clients to maintain and host over 850 active websites. We’ve a wide range of skills, across an extensive range of programming languages and creative design. We cover:

  • End-to-end bespoke solutions
  • Online application development and system integration
  • Creative design and user experience
  • Digital marketing – search engine optimisation, social media, online advertising
  • Project management and tailored support systems.

There are plenty of web design and development agencies out there. But we believe there are sound and compelling reasons for your business to choose us, just five are listed below.

Big Fish Internet Ltd trade as bfi®, formerly BF Internet.

Vast experience

We’re as old as the Internet itself. We date back to 1996. How many web agencies can claim to have seen the Internet’s potential so early? We’ve grown hand in hand with the Net. This vast online experience has made us highly technically adept.

Trusted advisors

With over 500 clients and even more live websites, it’s clear that we are trusted advisors to our customers. That’s everyone from SMEs to major household names, like Vision Express and Berendsen. They appreciate our straight-talking, no-jargon approachability. And they love the results.

Bespoke solutions

Our solutions are complete, bespoke and unique. No two clients’ needs are the same, so no two solutions should be, either.

Specialist services

We’re also great for specialist services that you might not be able to find elsewhere. For example, even big, reputable agencies can struggle when it comes to bespoke development or integration of a highly technical nature.

Real value

Finally, we offer real value, with affordable web design and development. Based in beautiful (and beautifully cost-effective) Cumbria, with the fells inspiring us all day long, we pass on the resource savings we make to our clients.

  1. It all began here

  2. Our 8th team member

  3. Our 1000th website

  4. Brand new offices

  5. A second office in Manchester