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Bespoke Web Design & Development

BFI is a bespoke web design agency you can rely on

We have a flexible and friendly team with expertise in a range of development solutions including app development, CMS development, 3rd party integrations, booking form integrations and more. 

Tired of constantly moving your website to different platforms? Fed up of switching and tweaking templates and themes all the time? Done with navigating a maze of plugins and extensions to get the results you need? Burned out by rising costs?

You need a bespoke website design as unique as your brand. Look at some of our work below.

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featured project

Vision Express

Vision Express is the second largest opticians in the UK, and we’ve developed a fantastic relationship with them. BFI have built a range of custom solutions for Vision Express, handling their bespoke website design and development needs for over ten years.

One such project is the creation of an appointment cancellation mini-site. This gives customers the ability to cancel and reschedule their appointments without calling the store, therefore freeing up store colleague time.

We also handle the rollouts of Vision Express’ in-store applications and backend systems for store support.

Our Work With Vision Express

featured project

Elis UK

Berendsen—now Elis UK—offer laundry services to the healthcare and hospitality sectors across 28 countries.

We were approached by Elis to complete bespoke software development for their customer portal. The goal was to increase efficiency using an automated solution. With their new portal, customers can now manage their linen deliveries and feedback data to Elis. All in real-time.

We’ve worked with Elis now for over ten years. We continue to develop a broad range of tools and apps to help them maximise effectiveness and profitability.

Our Work With Elis

School Hub

Orian Solutions

Some years ago we partnered with Orian to develop a custom website and platform for streamlining school meals management. With Lunchshop, parents could place orders online and choose meals in advance. This made life easier for both schools and parents, all with a user friendly interface. The popularity and effectiveness of the Lunchshop platform means that we’ve now significantly upgraded it to bring in even more features.

We kicked off the rebuild with a UX design (User Experience) workshop, allowing ideas to flourish. This helped us to understand the best possible bespoke website design requirements. From there a new visual language was developed by our UI team and once signed off, we entered into a lengthy development process.

Now re-branded as School Hub, the system was launched in September 2023 and serves a great many families in the region.

Our Work With Orian

featured project

APPI Pilates TV

The APPI Health Group are world leaders in Pilates teacher training. They’ve been operating for 20 years, with over 70,000 students in 30 countries worldwide.

APPI approached us with an excited new idea: a Pilates streaming platform. Sensing a shift towards subscription streaming, they wanted to develop a service that appealed to the casual consumer. APPI were keen to capitalise on consumer demand and launch the product as quickly as possible; we were able to successfully design and deliver the resulting streaming platform in under five weeks.

Achieving this involved designing and developing bespoke e-learning integrations, and content management fields. We’re happy that the project was a great success.

Our Work With APPI

featured project

Kingfisher Bulletin

Kingfisher are a team within the Sea Fish Industry Authority. They are responsible for improving safety in the fishing industry. Since the 1990s, they help keep fishermen informed of potential hazards at sea.

Kingfisher’s requirements were a challenge. They needed a complex geolocation system that allowed news of offshore activities and hazards to be reported, stored, managed and supplied to the fishing industry. The bulletins should then be broadcast via a dedicated website plus bespoke Android and iOS apps.

Our bespoke app development solution is easy to use, consistent, and user friendly. The platform is also highly extensible and future proof. The service continues to improve fishing safety, prevent property damage, and save lives.

Our Work With Kingfisher

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