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Brand Strategy

Strategy, positioning and branding

Brand strategy outlines a set of long-term goals that can be accomplished via a process of continuous improvement and brand evolution, and the ways these goals will be realised.

A brand is not simply a logo or a colour scheme, but rather the combined aspects of your organisation’s personality and vision.

A clearly defined and well executed brand strategy has an impact on every aspect of your business. It’s connected directly to customer needs, perceptions and your commercial environment. At BFI, we can help with every aspect of conceptualising, aligning and actualising your brand strategy – making your vision a reality. We’d love to discuss your ideas!

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For a customer to form their first impression of your brand identity


Of consumers say that shared values help create a trusted brand relationship


Of people follow between 1 and 4 brands on social media

Making a brand stand out from all the noise isn't easy

Successfully managing your identity in a connected world is about more than just converting sales. We can help you to be more active and knowledgeable, and gain maximum return on the investment of establishing your brand.

Working in collaboration, we can create a set of rules, a language style and re-usable design assets. With which you can communicate consistently in all the channels you inhabit. We can show you how to create an effective, recognisable brand for the digital age.

User Research

Finding Purpose

We need to understand what your business promises to do before we can help define your brand. Turning a profit is merely functional, but what is your purpose? This is about the specific personality traits that set your business culture apart from others in the same marketplace.

Creative Consultancy

Creating Consistency

We encourage our clients to consider the benefits of creating a digital style guide, which can encompass everything from the tone of voice you'll use, to the colour scheme you'll employ, to the way you'll position products or services. By taking time with us to define these considerations, your brand will benefit as a whole.

Social Media Management

Encouraging Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of every good brand strategy, especially if you're looking to support the way you sell your product. Highlighting shared values with your demographic sets the bar for what potential customers can expect from your business. We've worked with hundreds of businesses, and have the skills to help you establish and maintain your client base.

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At BFI, we pride ourselves on our approachable, can-do attitude to the creative process. Whatever your requirements, we’ll deliver a project that provides you with a solid foundation for success. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get talking about your project – we’re looking forward to it!

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