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The Client

Kingfisher are a team within Seafish (the Sea Fish Industry Authority), tasked with improving safety in the fishing industry. Since the 1990s, they’ve worked tirelessly to keep fishermen informed of potential hazards at sea. Seafish is a UK Non Departmental Public Body established by the Fisheries Act 1981.

The Objective

We applied to tender for Kingfisher, who needed an agency to develop a complex geolocation system that would allow news of offshore activities and hazards to be collected, stored, managed and supplied to the fishing industry via a dedicated website alongside Android and iOS apps.

The initial goals were to streamline the internal processes, and to improve the delivery method / user access, using new, accessible technology. Our solution had to be easy to use, consistent and user friendly. It also needed to be GDPR compliant and highly extensible, as well as incorporating ESRI geolocation map data, which were integral to the system’s success.

We needed to consolidate, streamline and refine the current services provided by the Kingfisher Bulletin, for internal and external users – ultimately improving awareness of offshore hazards and industry safety.

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Kingfisher App
Creative Consultancy
User engagement
Ongoing Development
Website development
App Development
App development
National SEO
Geolocation development
Third Party Integrations
Database schema design
Reporting and Analytics | SEO
Automated report generation
Extremely extensible development
Advanced publication audit trail
Responsive Development Web Design and Development
Cross-platform UX and UI

The Solution

We built a new website for the Kingfisher Bulletin, using a headless WordPress for the admin with a React front end, ensuring the site would be secure, scalable, flexible and user friendly.

This website offers the ability to search reports, and see the latest news. The website is also integrated with the ESRI ArcGIS API, displaying maps being regenerated in real time to highlight the latest hazard reports. It is fully GDPR compliant, AA accessible, easy to use and support user accounts and subscriptions. Users are able to view notices in real time, set up personalised alerts and access information on the go, especially via the native apps we built to complement the website’s functionality.

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Native Apps

We also produced Kingfisher Bulletin apps for iOS and Google Play

The apps were built using React Native, creating a unified interface across devices. They allow fishermen to keep informed on the move. They feature map based search functionality, illustrative search results and ability to personalise content. Importantly, users can use their Kingfisher application to search hazard information in real time, by keyword, location, sector or hazard type. Crucially, the information is available to view both on and offline in case of network outage or limited connectivity (for example, fishers at sea), via our integration with Esri ArcGIS IOS & Android SDKs.

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The Results

The new website and apps for Kingfisher Bulletin have been well received by the client, users and senior industry figures, including representatives from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, BP North, and the Oil and Gas UK Fisheries. The service continues to improve fishing safety, prevent property damage and save lives.

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