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SEO Audit

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

An SEO audit will detail the exact reasons why your website isn’t ranking with a checklist of proven steps and recommended fixes. This is perfect if you want to help plan an SEO strategy for your website or are interested in a plan you can take action on to improve your website’s performance.

A full audit of SEO will identify where you’re performing will flag up any issues that require urgent or long-term attention. The findings of an SEO audit are intended to act as a foundation for future SEO optimisation.

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What You'll Receive

You will receive a high-level overview of current website performance and best-practice compliance. We will send a checklist analysing different SEO factors including link profile, keyword analysis, technical analysis, website architecture, analytics and more. Guidelines will be supplied for how to make improvements to your website from the audit.

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Reasons to have an SEO Audit

1. Search Rankings have Decreased

If you’ve noticed your website slipping down the rankings or your website traffic has started to dry up you might be panicking. The cause of your traffic decrease might not be clear and may be caused by factors that aren’t readily visible to most website owners.
We’ll thoroughly search through a full checklist of ranking factors to discover the reason why your website rankings have decreased and provide a solution of how to recover any lost traffic.

2. You’re Considering an SEO Campaign

If you’re considering an SEO campaign to bring more traffic to your website but aren’t sure of your current standing, an SEO audit can explain where you are currently and exactly

3. Want a Different Opinion on your Website’s Performance

An SEO audit is a good choice If you have just had your website redeveloped by an agency but want to check on the SEO of the work or if you currently have an SEO contract with an agency but want to be sure they’re not missing anything.
A technical audit by one of our experienced team members will identify any issues that are hindering your website’s rankings that your current agency may have missed.

4. Want to Manage your SEO Campaign In House

If you don’t have the budget for an SEO campaign but want to know what needs to be done in order to increase rankings then an SEO audit is for you. Our audits will highlight any areas for improvement on your website and the reasons why it isn’t ranking highly in search engines. If you have resources to undertake SEO work in house

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