Announcing our new hosting packages

After listening to feedback from our customers the new range includes a wider choice of upgraded and premium shared new business web hosting packages. We’re offering increased server resource, up-time and support for businesses who rely on their website as a key source of income.

What’s new?

When putting together a hosting package, it is the physical rack space that makes up the bulk of the cost, rather than the hardware itself. By upgrading our hardware specifications to allow servers to be shared between 5-10 websites, we’re able to offer this new range of competitive commercial packages. Sharing the rack space means enterprise features are available at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated machine, whilst offering comparable performance & up-time levels.

Should I upgrade?

We’ve included guidance with recommended commercial applications for each package. If you’re on a Basic or Standard package and feel that even 30 minutes of downtime may cost hundreds or thousands in lost revenue, please invest in your hosting now.

Why BF Hosting?

All our servers are tightly managed to high levels of security, using enterprise-level hardware & software – you can see this on our standard features list. Our servers live in what we call a ‘good neighbourhood’. Very few people have access, physically and most crucially remotely. Our servers are used solely by UK businesses with agency-managed websites. This offers a secure environment and peace of mind that cheaper providers cannot.