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Where do we start? At the beginning, of course!

BFI® & customer

1:Requirements discovery

Our team will discuss your requirements in more detail and go over ideas, suggestions or examples that you might want included in the project. We’ll establish a full understanding of the business problem and any resource or time constraints, so we can propose the best solution.

We take it from here...


2:Solution development & project specification

Drawing on our experience of similar projects across many business sectors, we develop an intelligent solution to the brief and present a project specification. We review with you and develop and refine it to arrive at final document and cost. This is signed-off and distributed to the BFI development team.

3:Visual mock-ups

Our creative team begins work on the user interface through a series of visual mock-ups, which demonstrate the processes and functionality outlined in the specification. This stage is valuable to gain feedback from everyone involved, as it visualises the written specification in a clear and understandable way.

4:Technical build process

Once all parties are happy with the mock-ups, the build process begins with our technical team. This period provides the client with a useful opportunity to gather and prepare assets such as imagery, copy, data etc.

Then, it's over to you...


5:Client testing & approval

Following internal sign-off, the project is presented to you for testing. This takes place in a private development area. You have access to our project management system so that change requests can be logged, and progress tracked by all. Once a final test through gets the ‘all clear’ from you, we prepare the development for launch.

We make it happen...



We deploy the project to the live environment and make it available to end users. A phased release to a small or increasing group of end users (a ‘soft launch’) may be appropriate, depending on the nature of the project.

It doesn't end there...

Requirements discovery

7:On-going support & development

We’re here to help you in the post-launch phases and beyond, whether that be technical support or a consultative capacity. We’ll make recommendations for further development, marketing, maximising opportunities, long-term strategy and more