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Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration

Dynamics 365 Integration For Your Organisation

Microsoft Dynamics AX, formerly Axapta and now part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software package. Whilst integrated applications are available for many different aspects of business, Microsoft Dynamics AX focuses on finance and operations.

Enterprise resource planning involves integrating business processes through software and technology. You can use a portfolio of integrated and linked applications to achieve this. Doing so allows you to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many different business activities. This then all flows into one common, human-readable database.

Microsoft Dynamics AX, for when you’re ready to scale

As your organisation grows, the software you use may no longer perform to the standards you now need. Also, separate departments and differing workflows cause inefficiencies. This can result in loss of business. Microsoft Dynamics aims to solve this by providing integrated applications, APIs, and ISV integrations. These allow disparate services and technologies to communicate together and streamline data flow.

Integrating with Dynamics 365 software can generate incredible cost savings. Connect departments. Reduce manual data entry. View live inventory figures. Minimise labour costs. All this combined enables smarter business decisions. Faster.

We love the challenge of integrating 3rd party applications and software into tightly-knit and highly efficient business processes. Look below to see our previous work involving Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Streamline Me

Track Processes

Track business resources such as cash, materials, and production capacity, as well as commitments such as orders, purchase orders, and payroll.


Unified Data

Integrate and unify disparate aspects of your business into a single, human-readable database.

Creative Consultancy

Information Flow

Help information flow between all business processes and manage connections to, and between, customers and stakeholders.

Social Media Management

Customer Management

Social media management integrations help to create a comprehensive view of customers to better serve their needs.

Responsive Development Web Design and Development

Sync Anywhere

Easily sync to the cloud, or save offline, and serve people on any device you have no matter where you are.

Reporting and Analytics | SEO

Save Money

Massively reduce resource costs whilst simultaneously improving efficiency.

Featured Project

Elis UK

Berendsen, now Elis UK, offer laundry services to healthcare and hospitality sectors in 28 countries. We were tasked with creating a bespoke customer portal for their Hotel Linen Division. Their goal was to replace an existing paper-based form. This was manually filled in by the customer then typed up into Microsoft AX Dynamics at a later time.

This clunky workflow slowed down the processing of laundry while a stack of paperwork was typed up. It was obvious they needed an automated solution. This would increase efficiency and reduce overheads and resource requirements.

We built a bespoke PHP-based self-service customer portal to work alongside Elis’ existing Microsoft Dynamics Ax integration. The portal allowed hotels and/or healthcare customers to submit linen collection orders, view packing orders, request stock changes, and more. For workwear customers, the portal enabled them to add and remove employees as required and set-up their wardrobe allocation, order new garments, exchange an employee’s garments for new sized versions, and request repairs or replacements for garments.

Additionally, the portal contains a helpdesk system. Users can manage messages from customers, show current and historical status of calls, and arrange visits. Here, a Service Rep would visit site and fill in customer details on their iPad (the details get stored offline if no mobile service is available).

Our Work With Elis


Of SMEs surveyed strongly agreed on investing in cloud and hosted solutions.


Of businesses implementing ERP integrations recorded business process improvements.


Of companies are soon acquiring, upgrading, or planning to update ERP systems soon.

Are you ready to level-up your organisation with Microsoft Dynamics AX integration?

We relish the challenge of working with third-party systems to take organisation to the next level in their growth.

If your brand is ready to scale with greater efficiency, streamlined data flow, whilst reducing resources, get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we can build a bespoke solution for you.

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