How Can Digital Transformation Help Your Business?

Over the last few decades, technology has transformed our lives. Technology is now a part of every day, every hour of most people’s lives. It has changed the way we think, our abilities to do our jobs, the jobs available to people, and the way we keep ourselves entertained.

We see many traditional businesses still running on the same methods they ran years ago. Even with paperwork going missing and processes that involve a lot of time and manpower. That’s why we always recommend digital transformation when we can see that it will help businesses perform better.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the formation of digital processes to replace more traditional ones. This is sometimes carried out through automation, artificial intelligence, or simply through the digitalisation of a system that was previously paper-based.

This can help streamline processes within business activities, by transforming every aspect of a business to a digital process, there are savings to be had with effort, time and costs. You can also place your company ahead of the competition, as your turnaround time could be faster than others using more traditional methods.

Digital transformation of a business really depends on the business and its processes. There are different aspects of a business that need to be considered, but some areas of focus will involve rethinking business models, innovation in the customer experience and even reinventing the company’s internal culture.

Why does digital transformation matter?

In the modern day, many clients and customers expect to be able to get the products or services they are requesting quickly and efficiently. The pandemic really brought about the importance of digital transformation for companies as their staff couldn’t access important documentation without being in the office, and therefore customers were left without services for longer periods of time.

The digital transformation of as many practical areas of a business as possible means there are fewer hurdles to overcome when dealing with staff and customers off-site. While there are some areas, such as manufacturing, that will struggle to go completely digital as there are a lot of manual activities relating to the work they do, however, their overall business activities can still be assisted by digital processes regarding ordering and customer services.

Woman on computer in factory

The benefits of digital transformation

There are so many benefits of undergoing a digital transformation strategy for your business, including an increase in efficiency, customer experience, and competitive advantage.

When it comes to efficiency, going digital is a no-brainer. Making things digital paves the way for quicker processes, by fewer people. Files can be searched rather than read through manually to find the information required, changes can be made in bulk. Automating processes means that process steps can be completed and moved down the line at any time of day or night. In addition, moving your operations to online cloud servers allows you to provide access to required information for a variety of teams across different locations, or who are working from home.

The customer experience of your business can also be improved through digital means. It’s thought that 42% of companies are not using digital means to track their stock or carry out inventory management. Stock management is a big deal for e-commerce websites, to ensure that the customer experience is a good one and that customers will return. If you’re using a manual process to update stock numbers and order tracking, it’s easy for things to go wrong.

What’s more, digital transformation is a surefire way of standing out against competitors you have who haven’t entered the world of digital yet. In traditional markets, you will find that many businesses are put off digitalising their processes. If your business has been around for decades and things are working, why would you make the move to a more modern approach? Or be the first in your industry to do it? But you may find that it gives you a unique selling point for new clients and customers, and your business improves because of it.

How BFI can help transform your business

At BFI we aren’t just a team of web designers in Cumbria, we also help develop bespoke software systems that can help meet your business needs.

We have years of experience in helping companies understand the areas in which they can streamline their processes and achieve a better, more effective result, including the development of a reporting portal for our client Elis. This reporting portal allowed the laundry services’ clients to check in and out their linen online, rather than rely on paper ordering which could easily get lost in transit. You can find out more about the Elis project in our Portfolio.

If you want to streamline some of your services with bespoke software development that integrates with your website or offers more for your customers, give us a call or get in touch today. We will be more than happy to discuss your digital transformation projects with you.