Setting Up Password Recovery

To Set up Password recovery follow these steps:

  • ┬áLog into Webmail (
  • Click the ‘Settings’ button on the top menu bar above the mailbox content.
  • On the settings page in the left list you should find ‘Password Recovery’, click on it.

Password Recovery

  • You can now pick between setting up recovery for sms or email. You can also set it up for both.
  • Enter your phone number/ email you want the recovery code to get sent too.
  • Enter your password then click save.
  • A code will get sent to the phone number/ email you entered. Enter the code and then click the save button under the password box.

Email Settings

Next time your lose your password you’ll be able to easily recover it and set up a new one. A ‘Reset your password’ should appear after a failed login. You can the pick which recovery password recovery option you would like to go with.