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V12 Retail Finance – WooCommerce Plugin

April 26th, 2016, by

£500.00 20% Tax

Offering monthly payment plans for high-priced products like bicycles, ski & snowboard equipment or electronics makes the cost more manageable for the customer and lowers the barriers to purchase. Customers are paying for items such as cars and mobile phone contracts already, so by offering your products for sale in a similar ‘easy monthly payments’ style you can boost your conversion rate, especially when the payment plan is interest free.

V12 Retail Finance is a specialist UK provider of Retail Credit, providing finance to customers for over 20 years via an industry-leading paperless processing system.

Our V12 WooCommerce module extends the WooCommerce e-commerce payment options to include V12, allowing the customer to seamlessly checkout and apply for finance in one journey.

When you place your order you’ll receive a zip file with the plugin. Please see “readme.txt” in the zip file for usage instructions.

V12 demo: you can place a test order & checkout using the “V12 demo” payment type to test the V12 plugin. When you wish to buy the plugin, your real order should be paid via SagePay.