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Esri ArcGIS Integration

Integrating Esri's GIS Mapping SOftware

Esri’s ArcGIS Platform is a world-leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for when you need to integrate map data and location capabilities into your apps, business systems, and/or products.

If your organisation needs a mapping and location service vastly more powerful and customisable than the likes of Google Maps, Esri ArcGIS integration is what you need. Esri’s ArcGIS Platform already serves the likes of IBM, BP, and Cisco, so you know the map data you’ll have access to is nothing short of world-class.

Esri integration is free to set up

The ArcGIS Platform offers a flexible pricing policy. Get started for free and then pay only for what you need as you scale. You’ll be able to access generous allowances of location services transactions for free. Then, as you scale, pay as you go when you need additional service usage. You can also deploy an unlimited number of apps at no extra cost. Esri even provide a handy little pricing calculator.

The ArcGIS Platform is also developer-friendly. Access Esri’s powerful location services using your API of choice, including open-source ones. The Esri Javascript API also makes integrating their software into your web project easy. Additionally, Esri ArcGIS can be integrated into iOS and Google Android apps for data continuity no matter what device you’re on.

We’re no strangers to tightly integrating complex 3rd party systems into client websites. We love working with data. Over the years we’ve accumulated experience with integrating 3rd party systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Brightpearl, and lots more. Let’s talk about your next project.

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Featured Project


Kingfisher are a team within the Sea Fish Industry Authority. They are responsible for improving safety in the fishing industry. Since the 1990s, they help keep fishermen informed of potential hazards at sea.

Kingfisher needed an agency to develop a complex geolocation system. It should facilitate news of offshore activities and hazards to be collected, stored, managed and supplied to the fishing industry via a dedicated website alongside Android and iOS apps.

We built a new website for the Kingfisher Bulletin, using a headless WordPress for the admin with a React front end. It integrates with the Esri ArcGIS Javascript API, displaying maps being regenerated in real-time to highlight the latest hazard reports. We also built complementary iOS and Android apps using React Native, allowing fishermen to keep informed on the move. Crucially, the information in the apps is available to view both on and offline in case of network outage or limited connectivity via our integration with Esri’s ArcGIS iOS and Android SDKs.


Our Work With Kingfisher

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If your project needs the advanced location and geomapping capacity of Esri’s ArcGIS Platform, then we’re the agency for you.

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