BFI Help Carlisle Diocese Ask – Is It Just Me?

The Dioscese of Carlisle came to us with a fascinating project for a content rich website. Their brief was to host a series of videos featuring local people, answering difficult questions about life.


We hosted workshops to focus on which questions to ask and how best to present the work. This gave us the chance to work up some creative ideas with the client. Together, we devised a number of questions and how to deliver them. We defined the audience as people who had considered religion, but not taken it seriously. We also considered that we should aim to interview a wide cross-section of the local population and that a “role” would be given to each interviewee. The client settled on “is it just me?” as the project name as it identifies how most people feel alone in their thoughts.

Visual Design


By communicating often with the client, we were able to tweak this content rich design accordingly as the project took several approach shifts. This helped to develop a simple website structure, and a creative approach to the layout. Our designers began work on the proofs which showed key website processes and functionality. We gained useful feedback at this stage, as it visualised the specification in a clear  way. BFI commissioned a video director  and each “cast member” was asked to comment on the following questions and statements:

  • Ever Messed Up And Wished You Could Start Again?
  • Is Life Harder Than It Needs To Be?
  • Good Things Happen To Other People
  • When Times Are Tough, What Keeps You Going?
  • Everything In Life Feels A Bit Temporary
  • Is This All There Is?


Once the visual designs were complete and signed off by the client, our technical team started development. This provided all stakeholder with the opportunity to prepare video content, source imagery and write copy. This ensured an efficient, workflow and a quick turnaround once all the assets were in place.


By building this lasting connection with clients and listening closely to what their aims are, BFI are able to seamlessly integrate with any business model. If you think BFI can help you with content rich websites , web design and web development, please call on 015395 64580 or get in touch by email.