How to Save Money on Google Adwords

Paid search, or pay per click ads, can be a great way to drive traffic and sales for your website. It can also be pricey. Sometimes there’s no way round that. For example, if you’re trying to advertise a casino, you’ll simply have to pay (an average of £58.57 per click to be precise).

But in most cases, there are things you can do to save money on Google Adwords.

Negative Keywords

These are the easiest and quickest way to cut your PPC costs. They work by excluding certain queries. Say for example you own a shop selling fashionable women’s boots. You might want to exclude words related to beauty, such as ‘crème’ and ‘lotion’. That way you can avoid searches for the popular chemist. You could also exclude words like ‘hiking’, ‘combat’ or ‘wellington’ to stop yourself showing for the wrong types of boots. Or you might consider whether you sell accessories and care products such as laces or polish.

Location Targeting

Like Facebook, Google has incredibly accurate and effective location targeting. It will also report on user locations once your campaign has been running for a while. You can narrow this down as closely as the postcode. This is incredibly helpful if you have robust customer data. Or if operate a local business that only wants to reach those in the immediate vicinity. It can also be useful for raising bids on areas that convert well and lowering them on unprofitable areas. You can combine this with carefully selected ad scheduling.

Ad Scheduling

Again, this is most useful when combined with data. If you know when your customers are likely to be online and ready to buy, you can schedule your ads to only appear at those times of day. This can also be useful combined with geo-location. Say you run a café, offering a discount at a certain time of day, designed to capture commuters after their morning coffee. You can run a very specific ad, set to run 6am-8am, offering a 10% off code to people in a certain area.

Hopefully these three tips will give you a good start on saving money on your PPC. If you’d like further help with your paid search, contact us today!