Symphony return to BFI to troubleshoot new website

Symphony Environmental is a world leader in the development of biodegradable plastics and protective technologies to enhance plastic products. About a year ago Symphony appointed a new marketing director who insisted that another design agency re-design their website. Sadly, the new agency had missed the brief by a country mile, so our original client liaison, Paula Hickford, contacted us to re-work it.


On inspection, the new site looked fine, but there were serious inconsistencies in colours and typography. The other agency had used WordPress, but had added so many different page templates that it was difficult for the client to administer. Also, the menu section was complex and hidden from client admin level. We were tasked to produce a landing page for a new product launch, but discussions with the client identified the need to improve the whole site. Initially, we prepared a style guideline for the whole group to use across all their media and set about re-proofing the home and landing pages. Once these were signed off, we moved the site onto our servers and began the development work.


Our development team created a simple page builder using “advanced custom fields” and removed the redundant templates and CSS. They also simplified how the menu worked and made it available at client admin level. Going forward, we hope to completely re-build the site, streamlining the workflow even further.

During this project we have rekindled a great relationship with Paula, who allows us creative freedom. We make regular suggestions on how they might improve and aim to make our partnership stronger. The website went live last week and the client is seeing improved engagement already.


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