Is Search Engine Optimisation Right for you?

How well is your website performing? Are you getting the best that you can out of it and does it drive a large amount of traffic that converts into sales? If you own a business then it is a simple fact that you want it to perform well. This is no different for your website. For many of us, the Internet has become part of our daily lives and somewhere we turn to for both entertainment and to shop or do business.

It has also been suggested that of those Internet users, around 80% use search engines to find what they are looking for. This is why it is imperative to ensure that your website ranks well within them because not doing so could result in you missing a lot of traffic. To help you achieve better traffic, SEO will provide the answer.

There is no escaping the fact that we are experiencing a credit crunch. people are nervous about how much money they are spending on their marketing strategies. It has been suggested by various sources that online marketing techniques such as SEO are the most cost effective methods of marketing available at the moment.

Top Rank

Top Rank conducted a study, where they asked around 400 businesses what methods of online marketing techniques they were looking to implement.  A whopping 36% of them said Search Engine Optimisation and another 33% said the use of blogs.

Speaking recently, David Teague, managing director of Prospects & Profits Business consultants commented that any business that did not have an online presence and could be found easily, would be at a distinct disadvantage. He added, “If your customers can’t find you within a minute on the internet, your business is going to languish on the sidelines, whilst your competitors gain the edge”.

It has also been predicted by PricewaterhouseCoopers that by 2013, a third of all advertising spending would be used online. The Government too, is set to encourage more Britons to get online and is spending £12 million to help achieve it.

This can be seen in the US as well, where in a survey by Reardon Smith Whittaker; it was shown that 9% said they were spending significantly more on online marketing in 2009. 23% stated that their spend was going to be somewhat higher.

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