What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Many of you will already know (or at least have an idea) about what Search Engine Optimisation is but for those of you that are not sure, this section aims to outline exactly what it is.

So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Well, essentially, it is the process of increasing the amount of traffic to your website. This is done by improving your organic rankings in the search engines and online presence. By organic rankings, we mean the natural listings. As opposed to the sponsored listings, seen beside search engine results.

Anyone who has their own website wants it to be able to be found by friends, peers or in the case of a business, potential customers. When it comes to potential customers being able to find you on their favourite search engine, many of them will put more trust in the organic listings over the sponsored ones. Because quite simply, organic listings appear more trustworthy and relevant. This is because sponsored listings have to be paid for where the organic ones do not.

It is also a fact that the majority of people do not venture past the first few pages of the search engines results. This makes it imperative to get the best rankings possible. This is where SEO will help. A website that has been optimised is much more likely to rank higher than one that has not.

How is this achieved? SEO can be a lengthy process and should never be seen as a quick fix. It can take over twelve months to see the full effects of any optimisation work and should always be seen as an ongoing process. Should you need results in the short term, get in touch to discuss Pay Per Click options.