LWC Appoints BFI for Drinks Marketing Campaign

LWC is the largest independent wholesaler of beers, wines and spirits in the UK. LWC has over 40 years of experience in the “on-trade”. They offer nearly 10000 different products to their on-trade customers. Furthermore, LWC delivers the broadest range in the UK drinks industry.


BFI has had a long-standing relationship with LWC having designed, developed and maintained their retail eCommerce websiteClick’n’Drink. Pleased to be continuing this partnership, BFI were approached to develop and deliver a weekly email marketing campaign. We were also commissioned to research market trends and to write a number of articles for a newly developed blog.


A brand strategy was worked up for the drinks marketing email campaign and weekly assets were made for each campaign. Also, we developed an engaging, responsive email template for use on LWC’s Mailchimp account. We used this template build a weekly automated workflow for a Summer campaign. The intent was to re-engage customers from the North East and Stoke-on-Trent. LWC would offer information about their ordering portal, special deals and deep dives into industry trends. Finally, it was important to merge the content to serve each region with specific news and drinks marketing deals.


LWC Infographic | Drinks Marketing

LWC Infographics

Working with LWC, we managed to exceed industry standard open rates on this project. Together, we achieved an average of 30% per weekly send, with a CTR of up to 3.5%. BFI responded quickly to suggestions for improvements and late additions. During the 3 month campaign, BFI wrote 13 articles for the LWC blog. This helped inform their client base about new industry developments.


By building this connection with clients and listening closely to what their aims are, BFI are able to seamlessly integrate with any business model. If you think BFI can help you with content provision or your marketing goals, please call on 015395 64580 or get in touch by email.