Email FAQ

I am getting an error message ‘Error: Cannot connect to the server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)’?

This error message appears when the account hasn’t been set up correctly or the password, you’re your using is incorrect.

To check the password is working you will need to log into the webmail  ‘‘ if the login fails then you are using the wrong password. From here you will need to reset the password. Click here for all password information guides.

If you are able to log in then you’ll need to check the set-up of the account. The common issues with the set-up is the server name is incorrect, port numbers or encryption types. You can find all the information in our set-up guides, Click here for all the setup guides.


What is the difference between IMAP and POP3?

IMAP – An IMAP email account synchronizes the emails between your computer and other devices with the server, meaning when you read/make changes it will happen across all devices with the email account.

POP3 – A POP3 email account simply downloads the emails from the sever into your inbox, by default this can lead to the emails being removed off the server.

We highly recommend setting the account up as an IMAP account. If you have a POP3 account and you want to change it too IMAP you’ll have to reset the account up but this time as an IMAP account. Make sure you backup any emails on your computer before making any changes.


A login box keeps appearing?

There should be a tick box called ‘Remember your credentials’ or ‘Save Password’ which saves your password.

If you are still seeing the login box pop up that more than likely means the password, you’re entering is incorrect. Try logging into the webmail  ‘‘ if it fails to log in then the password is incorrect and you’ll need to update the password. Click here for all password information.


I’m not receiving email from certain people?

If you find yourself not receiving email from certain people, we recommend checking your junk / spam folder as some emails can get lost. To stop certain sender from ending up in your junk / spam you can make that sender a ‘safe sender‘ and/or add them to your address book. Once they are a safe sender their emails should no longer appear in your junk / spam folder.


People are not Receiving my emails?

If you find people aren’t receiving your emails it would be worth giving them a call and ask them to check their junk / spam folder and to make you a safe sender so your email won’t get filtered out as spam / junk.


What encryption type should I be using?

We suggest using SSL as it provides a secure way of encrypting your communication online.


Can I log into my email account using web browser?

Yes, we provide webmail which is a free online service which allows you to access your email account, just follow this link


Can I set up my email account on my phone / devices?

Yes, have setup guides for both Android and IOS Click here for the set-up guides. We also have guides for Pop3 set up on Android and Pop3 set up on iphone or IOS