Outlook Email Setup

Outlook Email Setup

Step 1: Open Account Settings

Start the Outlook application

Click on File in the top left of the screen and select Add Account which is located slightly to the right, this will now open a pop-up dialogue box.

Account Information

Step 2: Add Mail Account

In the pop up dialogue box please enter you full email address (this is the full email address you are setting up for example [email protected])

Before proceeding any further click on the Advanced option drop down and and tick the box next to “Let me set up my account manually“. When done click on the “Connect” button.

Outlook Email

Step 3: Enter Account Information

You will now be┬ápresented with a different pop up dialogue box that says “Advanced setup” and just below this there are a choice of account types. Please click on the “IMAP” account type, this is the required account type.

Enter Account Information

Step 4: Certificate

You will now be presented with a dialogue box and asked if you wish to continue using this server, at this point click no. Don’t worry with regards to the message about security as there isn’t anything wrong or insecure, this is Outlook trying to automate the set up process and erroring.

Certificate Warning

It will still try to automate the set-up process and eventually gives up and issues a “Something went wrong” error message. This is nothing to be concerned about as is actually the part of the process we have been trying to get to. This now finally allows us set up the account manually.

Change Account Settings

Step 5: Account Settings

Enter the following information, some of these details may already be correct.

On the Incoming mail change the server to:


with a port value of

993 or 995


On the Outgoing mail change the server to:


with a port value of


Ensure the Encryption method is set to SSL or SSL/TLS.

Ensure the Require logon using “Secure Password Authentication” box remains unticked.

Now click the “Next button“.

IMAP Account Settings

On the next screen please enter the password which we provided you with and click the “Next” or “Connect” button.

The set-up process should now be complete.

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